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An alternative word processor to Microsoft Word for Mac

Document Writer: Advanced Word Processor is a word processing software developed by It’s About Time Products. This software was developed exclusively for Mac devices, and it serves as an alternative word processing software to the juggernaut, Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office has become extremely expensive in recent years so having an alternative program that’s significantly cheaper is always a good thing. Apple has its own in-house word processing software, Pages, but it’s always better to have as many options as you can. Document Writer: Advanced Word Processor may not be as good as the two software listed above, but that doesn’t mean it’s not any good.

Simple Word Processor

When it comes to choosing a word processing software, most people fall under one of two opinions. The first is that word processing software should have a lot of functions and the other is that they should be as simple as possible. It’s all a matter of preference, of course, but what your preference is will affect your opinion on this software.

The Document Writer is firmly in the simplicity side of the argument. Unlike Microsoft Word, Document Writer’s features and functions don’t stray too far from the bare minimum of what’s expected from a word processor. The software has the standard formatting tools that are essential for anyone editing documents. Users can change the font style, font size, and emphasis of their text. They can also adjust the alignment, spacing, margins, and more. The software also comes with a word count feature which is an often overlooked, but extremely useful, feature for word processors. 

Other great features include the auto-save and find & replace functions. Auto-save protects users’ data from being erased suddenly while the find & replace, as its name suggests, allows users to find and replace words from their document with ease and speed. These may not seem like such big deals, but they are highly convenient features to have around. While these features are present in more advanced word processors, the Document Writer should be given credit for including these features while being completely free.

Finally, it allows users to edit images directly on the document. Users can add circles, signatures, highlights, and more. 

Issues and Concerns

Of course, the Document Writer has its share of drawbacks. Although many will appreciate the simplicity of the program, there will likely be just as many who will not appreciate it. In addition to that, the programs do have some bugs that are highly problematic. For example, the program can be prone to crashing at times. Another problem is that it doesn’t save properly sometimes. That said, for a free program, it’s still an acceptable word processor.

Final Thoughts

Document Writer is not the best word processor in the market, there’s no denying that. However, for people who just need a simple word processing software, it will do the job. It may not have all of the features that Pages and Microsoft Word have, but it’s not as expensive as either of those two programs. 


  • Has word count
  • Auto-save feature
  • Can edit images
  • Can support many file types


  • Doesn’t save properly sometimes
  • Prone to crashing
  • File types are limited
  • Not a lot of features

Program available in other languages

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